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Ultra Star with Cover By Don Delay

Ultra Star with Cover By Don Delay

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Ultra Star

40 page comic book written and illustrated by Patrick Thomas Parnell.

Colors by Matt Yackey. Cover by Don Delay.



Written, illustrated and designed

by Patrick Thomas Parnell

Super N.O.V.A. 5, the world’s most powerful super heroes, saved the day time and time again. Gifted as they were, they couldn’t see this coming. Ultra Star, the world’s most powerful being and their leader, has gone missing.

Ultra Star was the cornerstone of the peoples' morale and sense of security for so many around the world. Even to this league of super heroes, known as Super N.O.V.A  5, Ultra Star shined as a beacon of hope and positivity. 

It’s up to a reporter who specializes in discovering heroes' secret identities to find out where Ultra Star has gone to.

And in the meantime, the remaining heroes struggle to find their footing.



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