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Last of the Seekers: 24 pg Comic Book by Riot PRESS! Surge Cover!

Last of the Seekers: 24 pg Comic Book by Riot PRESS! Surge Cover!

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The Last of the Seekers is a 24 page comic book about a robot archaeologist on a journey traveling across the universe. He's searching for artifacts from his home world that was destroyed long ago, in hopes they will reveal the origins of his planet, as well as its destruction.  "The Seeker" becomes friends with a human female pilot who also comes from a mysterious past. She's one of the best pilots in the sky, fights like a super solider and is hot AS hell! Together these two are looking for clues into their past and also help others along the way as they travel from solar system to solar system. 

Last of the Seekers was created by illustrator Patrick Thomas Parnell and Riot Press Productions LLC with the robot co-designed by Piotr Sidoruk. Now, along with Ramen Toy, Riot Press is producing a 7 inch tall, mainline scale transforming robot toy of "The Seeker". He will have two modes: robot mode and space jet mode. He will come with two guns, two swords, two missiles(which have spring firing tech) and a shield.  He will be available in 2 colors schemes: G2(green, purple, black and yellow) and Stealth(red, gray and black).

The 24 page comic book that is also available is written and illustrated by Patrick Thomas Parnell with Matt Bahr, Kelsey Shannon and Michael Rushbrook. The Surge exclusive cover by @DarlsDraws!


Shipping in November!



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